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Redefining the meaning of beauty and going beyond one authentic conversation at a time


Hi Beauties,


Let’s first fall in love with feeling out best and let how we look be the added bonus!  I appreciate a good hair day and fitting into my “skinny jeans” like anyone else, but I truly believe our beauty needs to come from within our physical health, our mental health and our spiritual health.
The Beyond Beauty Project has created space for a new conversations surrounding beauty in our society. We do not size out of beauty and we do not age out of beauty. Let’s start a new narrative about how beautiful we are at every age and with all kinds of bodies and skin types to send a healthier message to ourselves and our children.  

The Beyond Beauty Podcast will dive into real and raw conversations with women and men from diverse backgrounds and professions. We will talk about our hopes, joys and fears about our own beauty and we will chat wellness tips, beauty tips, all-time favorite products and, of course, some beauty bloopers ;)

I started the Beyond Beauty Project for myself and my daughter, and for ALL of you! My hope is that our children
will have these healthier beliefs instinctively one day. I realize healing and growing is a journey that never ends, so I look forward to sharing what I’ve discovered works for me, while also learning from each of you. I hope you join me in building your unique sense of beauty, confidence, and self-worth. We are all in this together!

With beauty and love,




BBP Podcast launching January 2021.​




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