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BBP's August Playlist ✨💿

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Hi everyone!

We’re back again with our favorite songs from the past month! Our team at BBP loves anything that has to do with music… finding new music, going to concerts, making playlists, - sign us up! We love the power of music and the range of how it can make us feel - it can make us want to get up and dance, cry, scream, and even laugh. Follow us on Spotify here to listen to our monthly favorites, and much more! If you’re listening in the car, windows down are always recommended! And if you have headphones in, turn those babies up! We hope you enjoy!


August - Taylor Swift

Photo ID - Remi Wolf and Dominic Fike

Sleep Tight - Holly Humberstone

21 - Gracie Abrams

GROWING UP IS ___ - Ruel

People Watching - Conan Gray

Overdrive - Drake

Unchained Melody - Elvis (Film Mix)

Becky’s So Hot- Fletcher

Fast Times - Sabrina Carpenter


Crazy What Love Can Do - David Guetta

Massive - Drake

I’m Not a Mountain - Sarah Kinsley

Trees - Maude Latour

Bad Habit - Steve Lacy

Malibu Love Nest - Luna

Look Like That - LEON

Green - Sarah Kinsey

Stick Season - Noah Kahan

Read your Mind - Sabrina Carpenter

Naked - Lizzo

Cozy - Beyonce

Alien Superstar - Beyonce

Dog Eat Dog - Tommy Lefroy

Xx, Team BBP


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