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Bridgett Burrick Brown is the CEO and founder of the Beyond Beauty Project, offering inspirational keynotes, interactive workshops, and 1:1 coaching sessions for individuals ranging from their formative preteen years to adulthood. In a world where negative influences constantly challenge our confidence and intuition, Bridgett brings a refreshing perspective to beauty, success, and wellness. Her presentations and workshops empower individuals to define and embrace their self-worth from within, liberated from judgment and societal expectations.


With over two decades of experience as a professional model, Bridgett combines her industry insights with curated studies in holistic health, body image, and eating disorders. She holds certifications as an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach from IIN, a Body Image Coach from the Institute for Body Image, an Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy Practitioner from EDIT, and a physical Personal Trainer from WITS. 


As a writer, content creator, and activist, Brown passionately champions women's issues, mental health, body diversity, and disordered eating recovery. She is also the host of an inspiring educational podcast, Beyond Beauty Project - the podcast.  Beyond her professional endeavors, she is a devoted mother, wife, former dancer, and yogi.


Raised in the Midwest just outside of Detroit, Michigan, Bridgett spent the majority of her early years dancing competitively. When she was five years old, her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Being the only other girl in the house, she spent a lot of time with her mom, witnessing firsthand the impact of the disease on her mother's body and mental health. This experience made Bridgett acutely aware of the profound attachment women can have to their appearance and the potential negative effects on self-esteem and overall well-being.

Her dad worked double shifts at Chrysler to support their family. Bridgett channeled her father’s work ethic after high school when she began working full time as a secretary to put herself through Community College. Despite years of others suggesting modeling, she only considered it when realizing its potential for opportunities. She researched the best photographer in Detroit and shot with him. When she returned to work one Monday morning, her boss walked up to her with a smirk, handed her a stack of about 30 faxes from modeling agencies around the world, and said, “I guess you won’t be working here much longer.” That day, the 19-year-old’s life changed forever. Michelle Pommier Models in Miami and Chic Models in Paris signed her that summer, and her career took off.

The quick trajectory of her career as a model and the industry's focus on—and judgment of—her looks felt unnatural and uncomfortable. She realized quickly that beauty isn’t defined by perfect skin or a waif-like body.

Bridgett's career as a model now spans over two decades, offering her a front-row seat to an industry where worth and value are often based primarily on external appearance. During the beginning of her modeling career, Bridgett struggled with her body image, yo-yo dieting along with other girls going through the same pressures. They were held to a particular industry standard and often told to lose weight, cut their hair, get surgery, etc. These struggles fostered questions about what beauty truly meant, and she grew determined to learn how to fully love and respect herself.

Frequently told to lose weight, she found herself labeled as 'healthy' even at a size four. This fueled her journey of self-education about bodies and mental health. Bridgett dove into educating herself, getting certified in personal training and holistic nutrition, studying Ayurvedic medicine and psychology through books, training courses, and therapy. This intimate connection with using her body professionally, combined with in-depth studies on the mind-body relationship, gave her a profound understanding of the holistic nature of our being.

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During a challenging period in her life, where she faced losses of her mother, father, and brother, followed by multiple devastating miscarriages in just a few short years, the ask from her modeling agency to lose weight was the final domino - it shattered her. This was the breaking point that ignited the birth of the Beyond Beauty Project.

Taking some time away from the modeling industry and towards BBP, her dedication to transforming beauty standards and setting a positive example intensified through her healing. She promised to redefine society’s perspective on beauty, emphasizing intrinsic worth beyond appearance. This determination was fueled by her aspiration for her daughter to grow up unburdened by oppressive societal norms, confidently embracing her authentic self. Bridgett's goal is to break the cycle of generational trauma by promoting self-worth and healing, acknowledging that genuine beauty emanates from a sound mind, body, and spirit. It became clear that true beauty transcends the superficial and lies in how we feel, highlighting the importance of deliberate self-care and love.

The Beyond Beauty Project is a platform dedicated to reshaping self-worth from within, educating and empowering individuals to embrace their unique and innate beauty. Bridgett continues to model, aligning it with her values, finding the Beyond Beauty Project not only a community-driven initiative but also a personal journey of healing for herself and others. Together, they explore the transformative power of self-love, confidence, and holistic well-being.

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