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My Love Letter To Music

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Written by Doreen Godfrey

I am sure I am not alone when I say “I love music.” It has the ability to evoke a full range of human emotion, transport us through time and even make us feel like a bona fide rockstar. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t been caught belting out their favorite 80’s jam in the car? Yep, I’m with you.

So in this month of love, while many may pick up the pen to write to their loved ones, I write this note to music, a true love, now and forever.

Dear Music,

You are the soundtrack to my life. In difficult moments when I just didn’t have the words, you knew just what to say. Your ability to make me cry, laugh, dance, relax or push my way through something difficult continues to astound me and I fall deeper in love with you with every passing year.

Much like the lyrics of the Mamma Mia song, my mother said “I was a dancer before I could walk/I began to sing long before I could talk.” You have always had the ability to move me in profound ways but what I love most about you is how you can bring people together. Do you know that you are often described as the “language of emotion?” In a room full of strangers, all different nationalities, races and ages, you unite us all. You give us a common interest and a universal language.

Music, while I always knew you held the key to my heart, I feel privileged to see first hand your effect on the children and adults I have had the pleasure of teaching. When their faces light up with joy over a song, forgetting whatever was stressing them when they walked in the door, and leaving invigorated and feeling on top of the world, I am like a schoolgirl falling in love with you all over again.

When I hear “My Everything” by Michael Bublé, no matter where I am I will grab my husband and dance with him like I did on our wedding day. The lyrics “Pennsylvania 6500” will make me look up at the sky to sing with my Dad looking down on me. Tom Jones' melodious “What’s New Pussycat” will make me laugh thinking of family car rides to Southampton. I can’t help but jump up and down and sing along loudly to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and “You’ll Be In My Heart” will always bring me to tears as I recall singing it at my grandmother’s funeral. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration to me and for never letting me down. I truly believe you are life and that is why our hearts have beats.


Doreen Godfrey

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