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Healthy Aging vs. Anti-Aging

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Written by Bend Beauty

Humans, especially women, are constantly receiving messages from the media about how to “turn back the clock,” or what “anti-aging” products to use, and how to achieve “youthful skin.” This terminology reinforces a perception of aging as a negative thing; that it’s something we should fight back against.

The collaboration between Bend Beauty and The Beyond Beauty Project is meant to educate and highlight brands who are celebrating aging as a magical thing. In 2020, Bend Beauty made the decision to re-name their foundational product from “Anti-Aging Formula” to “Renew + Protect.” Not only did the new name better reflect what the product does for skin health, but it’s important to who they are as a brand to take a pro-aging stance. Whether you’re 22 or 75, it’s never too late to take better care of yourself, and your skin.

What if we all changed the way we talk about “anti-aging” and focused more on skin health and longevity instead? How does that shift how you think about your appearance, and what you want out of your skincare routine? The definition of longevity is about the length of life, or a long existence. In the context of skincare, let’s think of it as giving your skin what it needs to be healthy for the duration of your long, healthy, life.

We have a challenge for you – consider the brands you’re supporting, and the media you’re taking in. Do they take a negative stance on aging, or do they encourage you to celebrate and take care of yourself at every age? Could you try eliminating “anti-aging” from your own vocabulary and being kinder to yourself when you look in the mirror? Let’s think of aging as a privilege – and support brands who reflect the same positive attitude towards the aging process.

As a free gift to you, click here to download Bend Beauty’s Ultimate Guide to Skin Health and Longevity. This 3-part series has been developed to deepen your understanding of the connection between all internal and external forces that impact skin health and longevity, and ultimately how to unlock your skin's potential.

Bend Beauty products are BBP approved and contain many powerful active ingredients to unlock your skin’s potential, and optimize your wellness routine.

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The Education Collection is a series of articles that provide science-backed education on skin health from the inside out. We have partnered with Bend Beauty for this collaboration because we both are on a collective mission to change the narrative surrounding beauty. Bridgett says, "Beauty comes from within – within our physical, mental, and spiritual health." After struggling with cystic acne for years, she learned firsthand that what is going on internally on a physical level often also shows up externally on our skin. Bend Beauty provides education about what we put into and onto our bodies, using their innovative research that allows us to understand new elements of skin health and longevity. Beyond Beauty Project and Bend Beauty truly believe that aging is a magical part of life and that beauty is how you feel. We love to partner with brands who are committed to not using any marketing that erodes our self-worth and actively working towards changing the narrative of beauty for all of us. We love beauty and beauty products as much as anyone else but still firmly believe there is a way to have all the fun, luxurious products while also feeling empowered about ourselves and our beauty. We hope you enjoy the next series of Beyond Beauty Project x Bend Beauty's Education Collection.




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