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I Don't Care If You Love Your Body!

Written by Summer Innanen


I don’t care if you love your body or think your body is beautiful. Your body is not your power. I want you to not hate it so you can go out and do meaningful things with your life. I want you to know that you don’t have to be attractive to know that you’re worthy and valuable.

I’m not going to tell you that you’re perfect because I want you to be ok with imperfection.

I want you to be weird, quirky, smart, sassy, bold, be a good listener and speak up.

I want you to laugh at yourself, be ok with ugly, be willing to fail, accept that you’re not perfect and get messy.

I want you to be able to pick yourself back up when you get knocked down, to fight for what you believe in and to not let anyone intimidate you into hiding or toning yourself down.

I want you to have grit, be fierce, to explore the landscape outside your comfort zone and knock fear out of the way to get there.

I want you to know that you are a woman who can be anything she wants to be.

I want you to say no when you mean no and reserve your yes for the things and people that matter.

I want your naked soul to be seen. I want your inner power to shine so bright that your appearance doesn’t matter at all.

This is not the safe route in our society. This path is reserved for those brave enough to face judgment, criticism and fear – knowing that fierceness is born out of being loyal to your authenticity.

The safe route is to shrink and hide and change who you are to please others. To focus on your exterior and fixate on “having it all together.”

Say no to the safe route. Are you going to walk with me?

Summer Innanen is a professionally trained coach specializing in body image, self-worth and confidence. She is the host of the podcast Eat The Rules and creator of You, On Fire – an online group coaching program dedicated to helping people get free from body shame. She also co-runs the Body Image Coach Certification program to train professionals to be better equipped to work with clients around body image.

You can get her free 10-Day Body Confidence Makeover with 10 steps to feel better in your body at

If you're a professional who has clients or students that struggle with body image, get the Body Image Coaching Roadmap for professionals at

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