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Meditation On Pink Clouds

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Written by Carla Hamilton

I saw a blazing, pink sunset in the homogenized, shopping complex last night. Spirit alive and saying, “There’s beauty in the mundane, in the cinderblock of box stores and parking lot grids.”

You’ll go back to the pyramids and energy vortexes; the blue zone and the places with etheric cities, overhead or inside of glacial mountains.

But for today, there is magic right here in the Olive Garden parking lot, and hand-delivered pasta and cheesecake are not carbs, but angels sent to quell nerves. And the waiter bringing the food to the car is but a guardian of sangria; a proctor shielding me from lingering near the liquor that’s lurking behind the bar.

There is community, everywhere.

The girl doing my eyebrows is ready to don a tinfoil hat with me and ride off into the Las Vegas desert, a sea of tumbleweeds and clay-cracked earth, in search of aliens and orbs in the tangerine dusk.

The woman doing my hair is seeking an ambassador to introduce her to her wild side. Walk with this Scorpio into the forest. Dance around a fire. Howl at the moon. See a light show of fireflies performing just for you. Whisper a thousand wishes to the wildflowers, and let them giggle in regalia.

There are invitations for friendship, new community, and magic arising in every pink cloud--percolating underneath the cravings, and breakdowns, and fights with loved ones.

The pink cloud is calling-- Remember Your Home.

Carla Hamilton is a writer, educator, and Reiki Master that lives in a post-and-beam cabin she and her husband designed and built themselves. Nestled in the Belgrade Lakes region of Maine, she resides in her Centered Universe, where she works, plays, and adventures all from the comforts of home. She has studied quantum energy and Reiki since 2015 and is available for long-distance energy sessions.

If you would like to learn more or to schedule a session, please email


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