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Redefining beauty

Reclaiming our bodies

beyond the beauty ideal

beyond societal pressures

Reshaping self-worth

beyond perfectionism


Hi, I’m Bridgett...

I'm the founder and CEO of Beyond Beauty Project, a company I created after two decades of working as a professional model. During my career, I struggled with body image and mental health issues while also recognizing this was a much bigger issue beyond my experiences. 

Determined to liberate myself and others from the handcuffs of perfectionism and reclaim my confidence, I have earned certifications in Integrated Nutrition, Body Image, and Eating Disorders to educate and raise awareness.

The widespread problem of feeling the need to fit into a ‘box of perfectionism’ is related to society's ideals: unrealistic beauty, success, and wellness standards.

Through keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions, we explore tools to silence the noise and reconnect with your intuition to reclaim the power of full agency over your bodies and lives. 

I’m glad you are here :)





Our mission is to reject the pressures of perfectionism and societal expectations, guiding you to reconnect with your body, mind, and intuition. We aim to empower you with agency over your life, helping you embrace your true self and live more fulfilling, authentic lives.



from our formative years to the boardroom BBP is for everyone

We are more than our beauty.



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Welcome to The Beyond Beauty Project: The Podcast, where we dive deep into redefining beauty, reclaiming our bodies, and rediscovering self-worth, free from judgment and societal pressures. Join host Bridgett Burrick Brown as she inspires you to embrace your self-worth beyond societal norms.

The BBP podcast educates and empowers teens and adults on beauty, body image, and mental health through thoughtfully curated conversations. Our guests, who have mastered their trade and show the courage to be vulnerable, share their wisdom and experiences. Join us as we challenge conventional notions of beauty, success, and wellness, embracing a holistic approach to self-acceptance.

What people are saying...

Beyond Beauty Project is one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I have struggled with self-love and body image my whole life. Bridgett shed light on a topic that isn’t always openly talked about and it made me feel better knowing that I am not the only person who feels like this.

– Amanda O.

Your work is beautiful! This is the work we need to be doing now. The body dysmorphic images supported by pop culture are wildly unrealistic and unsustainable. I say no to being part of the machine that continues this. There are so many ways to read beauty.

– @wildflower.beautybar

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